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Cadets: 100, Prof Sujata Bera, Head of the Department of Economics is acting as ANO. NCC has it's own shooting range in the college where regular shooting practices for different units are done. Few of the important activities in the last 3 years.

Name of the programme Year of conduct
Sikkim Trekking Camp 2010,2011,2012
NI camp,Asansol 2008
Basic leadership camp,Ranchi 2012
Army attachment camp,Panagrarh 2009
Hospital attachment camp 2009
NI camp-Kakinara 2009
RCDC- Gwallior 2010
Mountaineering camp,Nilgiri 2010
Sikkim Trekking Camp 2010
Parabasic Camp Agra 2010
Republic Day-New Delhi Gold medal winner 2011
Thal-Sena Camp,New Delhi 2011,2012

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