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Mission & Vision

The pivotal aim of the college has been to empower women through a proper admixture of both pragmatic and mental development, to enkindle their mental matrix with " An idea of complete womanhood ".

  • To pursue holistic knowledge in its entirety with global and indigenous perspectives.
  • To pursue & establish links between traditional and non-traditional disciplines of studies, to strengthen the knowledge base by following the modern trends of interdisciplinary studies
  • To uphold the ideas of life long education with value based and ethical components and to enlighten them with means of self sustenance.
  • To enthuse the scholars and researchers for planning and implementing their own programmes with administrative support.
  • To uphold the spirit of academic freedom and enterprise to facilitate the freedom of action for the academic community of the college.
  • To enrich the theoretical and practical knowledge for development of the nation as a whole starting from local grass root levels.

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