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ZOOLOGY Department



Name of the Faculty Title of the project Funding agency Duration / Amount Completed / ongoing
Dr. P.P.Chakravorty ( PI) Bioassay of insecticides pollution - soil microarthropods UGC ( MRP), Ref. No. F. PSW- 001/02 dt. 3.12.02 2 years / Rs.50,000/- Completed
Dr. P.P.Chakravorty ( PI)
Smt.R.Dasgupta ( Co PI)
Ecotoxicological & Biochemical - Epigeic earthworm fauna UGC ( MRP), Ref. No. F. PSW- 063/07-08 dt. 14.3.08 2 years / Rs.75,000/- Ongoing

Name of the Investigator Title of the project and duration Amount sanctioned Funding Agency
Dr. P. P.Chakravorty (PI),
Dr. R. Dasgupta &
Dr.T. Das (Co PI)
Studies on the usefulness of some - pollution in agro ecosystem Rs. 9,86,000/- UGC
Dr.R.Dasgupta Studies on the usefulness of selected species of epigeic earthworm in of pesticide - under laboratory conditions. Rs. 1,98,600/- ongoing UGC
Dr.R.Dasgupta ( PI) Effect of phytosterol - hypolipidemic rats Rs.3,29,600/- ongoing DSTDISHA (SORF)


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