News Updates 27-11-2015 :

MUSIC Department


Music is a Fine-Arts subject. Music department is playing the pivotal role in pursuit of human resource development and excellence since its inception in 1994 with all existing infrastructural facilities available. Our goal and objective is to make astudent not only a singer but to make her proficient in music with knowledge and command as a whole. Students here learn how to sing in one hand and the way to explain the subject with confidence and conviction on the other. Our effort is to discover their musical ability, attitude, aptitude and connect those between their thought and expression. It develops natural instinct, build up singing style and helps to express music with totality along with overcoming the stage-fright. All the teachers with experience and sincerity have been trying hard not only to stregthen the academic skill of the students but also let them become a good citizen with difference in attitude and performance. It's very contextual to mention here proudly that Raja Narendra Lal Khan authored a Book on Music entitled “PARIBADINI – SIKSHA”.
Department started on 26.08.1994 & Hons. In the year of 2000.

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