News Updates 27-11-2015 :

BENGALI Department


An offering of a leaf or a flower or a little rain drop so easily satisfy The Lord if given with love & purity .Nature has given abundance of this treasure to this college for such offerings. Only thing is that we need moments to pick them up & nourish them for offering to the omniscient energy –The Great Master.
Likewise thousands of children, pure in heart coming from both rural & urban Bengal gather in this campus to make their life meaningful . These tiny green leaves, these little flowers, the newly born rain drops with all their dreams assembled around us to remould them for the great offering to their mother land. They are our assets. They need that assertion which will make them pure teach them to love all & dedicate them for the country .Then only the main purpose of educational institutions is fulfilled .
The department of Bengali with all its dignity prepared the ground for this dream since its inception in 1957, when Raja N.L. Khan women’s College emerged as a dream of Bharat ratna Dr. B.C. Roy for women emancipation . The Department is trying hard to sow literary creativity in the heart of the pupil and give new opportunity to unfold nature. This intermingled force will rejuvenate the society with creative thinking and its practical applications.
Genral course started in the year 1957. Honours course in Bengali started in the year 1965. Post graduate course in Bengali started in the year 2016.

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