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The IQAC of the college was established in accordance with the guidelines of NAAC on 3rd March, 2005. The IQAC meet at least three to four times every year. In IQAC meetings, discussions regarding implementing of various recommendations of the NAAC peer team is done and the relevant resolutions are forwarded to the Governing Body for implementation. Implementation is done in collaboration with all sections of the college. Meetings of the IQAC members with teaching, nonteaching staff members and students are also held to exchange views and communicate with all stakeholders and to make them well aware about the activities of IQAC for Quality enhancement.

The following members are acting at present-

Members of IQAC

  • Dr. Tirthankar Purakayastha, nominee from society as an External Expert on Quality Management
  • Dr. Madhumangal Pal, nominee from society as an External Expert on Quality Management
  • Dr. Rina Pal, Senior Teacher Member
  • Dr. Biswait Mondal, Senior Teacher Member
  • Dr. Sukla Chakladar, Senior Teacher Member
  • Dr. Debasree Gupta, Senior Teacher Member
  • Dr. Partha Pratim Chakravorty, Senior Teacher Member
  • Prof. Debjani Mukherjee, Senior Teacher Member
  • Prof. Sujata Bera, Senior Teacher Member
  • Prof. Gargi Meddya, Alumni Member
  • Dr. Tanusree Tulsian, Senior Teacher Member
  • Sri Bimal Malik, Senior Administrative Officer
  • Sri. Krishna Kanta Chakraborty, Senior Administrative Officer
  • Sri. Biswajit Adhikari, Senior Administrative Officer
  • Sri. Sukumar Roy, Industrialist
  • Sri. Ritwik Hazra, BDO, Advisor member

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